Monday, June 26, 2006

Vietnam, Ratspit, Silver Guys, Nintendo

Andy's buddy Gunther wrote a nice review of Samurai Dreams for his zine. I should have a link to its website soon. Here's the review:

"To highbrow intellectual film snobs, this movie is the antichrist, but to seekers of lost celluloid garbage, this movie is the lost Holy Grail floating flamboyantly in an ocean of raw sewage." The quotation accurately sums up Samurai Dreams' general purpose of spotlighting fringe films on the tossed-off VHS format. Five college buds from Massachusetts wax cinematic about their finds from thrift stores, trash cans, and public libraries. Forrest Gump decoding Da Vinci? Off the shrimp boat with that shit. These best actors include real-life enlistees getting ready for Vietnam, a demon named Ratspit, and silver guys who hide in Nintendo cartridges. Selected stills accompany the well-written blurbs. Most bizarre is the shot of Nukie -- an E.T.-like creature with a mucous moustache resembling elephant tusks. Reviews are brush-stroked with stars, but don't miss out on comments like "Killing Machine is a really shitty movie. Seriously. Willie Aames is in it." However, if Buddy and Charles are in charge of you, don't hesitate on giving any of these films a private screening. Despite the "No Stars" rating (or maybe because of it), I'd step on GAS-S-S-S for the sole reason of FF-ing to "an onstage cameo by Country Joe and the Fish where the singer is interrupted by God and told that he left his car lights on."
-Gunther 8544

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